yo ok i just saw a picture of a rainbow mohawk and hot damn that was the coolest fuckin think i've ever seen, i really wanna do that to my hair, is there any specific way i need to cut my hair or anything? like i am literally up to anything, i've been the whole rainbow of colours and rainbow itself but if you wanna keep it a secret it's cool, just looks dope as hell props to you


Hi! No, that hair cut was just a little past shoulder length all around normal haircut with long bangs. I’ve done the same thing to pretty much hair of ALL lengths (works best from shoulder length cut to anywhere down to just under boob area). I make 2-3 ponytails starting at just below the crown of the head and TEASE THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF THE HAIR and then use 29847293 bobby pins and a shit ton of hair spray. Good luck!